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How to become an author?

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After a little bit of blogging deviance, the Digital Breath is finally returning to one of its primary vocations: to provide advice from authors! Today’s advice will be about the very beginning of an author’s “career”, since it will be a series of recommendations to dare to “get started” , take the plunge, first of all to start writing, then, perhaps to think about self-publishing, or even editing. You can get help from an expert such as literature review help UK. This article will therefore primarily address young authors, those who scribble a few texts from time to time, or those who are thinking of a novel for a short time: those who would do well to get started as soon as possible! So let’s answer the question that is on everyone’s lips (or not): How to become an author?

  • Step 1: Write:If you are looking to become an author, you will have to start by writing! At the beginning, it is useless to try to go beyond its limits or to impose gargantuan texts, which may demotivate you. There are ways to start writing without going through gigantic projects: poems, news, excerpts, letters, etc.
  • Step 2: step up:Step 1 is far from being a goal, it’s a simple training! A real author is one who is able to write novels, real ones! … Or at least texts long enough, for which he has invested much longer than an afternoon! Perhaps you are one of those who often think of long novels that you keep on going through the most famous scenes in your head. You may even scribble a few scenes from time to time, the ones you like best. It is not that being author! To become one, you’ll have to get started, start writing your stories from beginning to end, until you get it right.
  • Step 3: Test:You start to get serious … no more. Step 3 is the one that measures if you have the shoulders to be author or not, since it makes you measure yourself to an audience: a big step in the life of an author. It is a question of daring to show your works from stages 1 and 2, if possible to strangers, or at least to relatives who are sufficiently objective to dare to criticize your texts.
  • Step 4: Relativize:Learn to accept negative criticism, and do not let it block you. Use it to improve your writing! The good mood for writing is, in my opinion, to remain humble and to consider first and foremost a sport, in other words a hobby that will bring you pleasure.
  • Step 5: Persevere and learn:Your first texts are written, you have received several positive or negative comments, and you have kept your spirits up: we are getting into serious things! It’s about keeping the motivation to keep writing, but also to learn your art!
  • Step 6: Ritualize: This time, we are going through a step that will be decisive for making you a “pro” author or not. There is nothing shameful to write by mere pleasure, without vocation to be published, without attention to detail. If Step 5 was already boring you and you do not care whether you read it or not, great good! After all, writing is a healthy occupation, and I do not see why one should blush writing for no purpose other than writing
  • Step 7: Correct: Step 7 is an improved step 3. After a few months of step 6, you should have at least one novel more or less finalized. To be an author, and therefore a conscientious writer, you must not be content to write, you must also gather outside opinions on your works, and especially to inspire you to correct it. Go through a corrector will also be a very good thing!

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