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How to become Aviation maintenance technician?

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The aviation maintenance technician plays a key role in aviation safety. He is in charge of controlling the aircraft and defines, if necessary, maintenance operations to be carried out.
How to become an Aeronautical Maintenance Technician? Find here the missions, necessary training, and remuneration of this profession.

Mission: Aviation Maintenance Technician

The aviation maintenance technician performs a control mission on the aircraft. He is responsible for verifying their proper functioning based on the regulations of the aeronautical authorities and on that of the manufacturers. Many Aviation Maintenance Schools are offering training in United States. Its role consists in:
• Using the manuals of manufacturers and companies defining all the interventions to be performed on the devices;
• Perform maintenance visits on the devices;
• Ensure the proper functioning of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment;
• Prepare intervention fact sheets;
• Issue APRS approvals for devices;
• Propose to manufacturers changes to be made on devices when a defect is found on a part;
• Offer manufacturers new device maintenance procedures when it seems necessary.

Become an Aeronautical Maintenance Technician: Qualities required

Because his work is crucial for the safety of aircraft, the aviation maintenance technician must make zero defect its main objective. The practice of this profession does not tolerate any error! Rigor and method are the best assets to avoid incidents in flight. The aeronautical maintenance technician must also be proactive in recommending improvements to the manufacturers.
The aviation maintenance technician relies on all regulatory documentation when controlling an aircraft. This is usually written in technical English. The command of this language is therefore indispensable.
Finally, the aviation maintenance technician is expert in teamwork. It must be clearly understood when placing an instruction to a colleague.

Aeronautical maintenance technician: career / possibility of evolution:

An aviation maintenance technician usually starts his career working on all types of aircraft. After a few years of experience, he can specialize on the models of a single manufacturer.
Once an Aeronautical Maintenance Technician position is obtained, it is possible to progress to the Compliance Inspector function.


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