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Top Ways Technology Changed Learning

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The growth of technology has a worldwide impact on every object, especially in the field of the education. With this, new methods of learning have emerged with an aim to progress the learning technique to give ease and comfort to the learners.

The enhancement of technology began with the birth of the internet, later on, which used to be the key learning method. In today’s world, one can read and learn anything over the internet from their devices like mobile phones, computer, laptops, tablets, etc. With technology, one can expand beyond linear, text-based learning and engage to learn through the digital methods, i.e. with the help of video and animated technique making learning easy to understand.

Let us look at various other advantages integrated with the use of technology in learning:

(i) Increasing Accessibility- It is now possible to reach anywhere around the world, thanks to the use of the Internet. With technology, one can access to a distance learning course from a remote place or can study online in the form of Ebooks, through mobile phones, laptops, etc. This has improved the literacy rate. Thus, technology has broken the geographical barriers that limited access to education in the past.

(ii) Visualization in Action- Most of the learning tools focuses on the visual means of learning, i.e. through the use of videos, animation, in-air projection technique, which makes it possible for 3-D learning. This helps to understand the concepts in a much better way, along with ease of learning, interesting lectures, and better understanding. Topics like the Surface area of a cube can be easily understood, having a proper visualization of the concept of total surface & curved surface area in 3D.

(iii) Ease of Flexibility- It is now an easy task for anyone to learn at their own pace with the personalized learning tool, rather than adhering to a strict timeline. One can learn from anywhere around the world at any time according to his will. This help students to choose the best possible time for learning according to their preference, thus making the learning process to be flexible.

(iv) Enhance Retention power- Videos play an important role to improve the long-term memory. Various Research has concluded that learning through videos help up to remember things for a prolonged time rather than studying through textbooks.

(v) Global Interaction- Internet has made it possible to interact with any person from a remote place. Students can now discuss various topics and get an alternative solution to their problems, suggest and learn from one another. Thus overall making learning a fun activity and learning in an effective way.

All these benefits of technology have transformed the way of learning to enhance students to develop to their full potential and take initiative for their studies.

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