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VHD Data Recovery

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Virtual Hard Disk is the way to operate multiple operating systems on a single PC or we can say that it is the way to provide facility to multiple users (customers) to access important software and associated files in an virtual OS (virtual hard disk). Through this process, we can secure our precious data. It acts similar like a physical hard drive where you can install an OS, you can create NTFS, FAT or other types of partitions and you can keep your files, work under it just like main PC. These types of files are normally attached to virtual machine and works as hard disk for that virtual machine.

There are different types of VHDs are available and each can be identified by the extensions as –

  1. VDI known as virtual disk image by oracle virtual box.
  2. VMware introduced VMDK which means Virtual Machine Disk.
  3. VHD or we can say virtual hard disk introduced by Microsoft and Citrix.

There are many more virtual hard disks with different extensions but the purpose is same. Also there are three ways to finalize the VHD –


According to its name, the size declared at the time of setup of VHD.


Initially the size of the VHD declared less than 1 GB but, as much as data added to the drive, the size is also dynamically increased up-to its capacity.


It is used to track the performance of the base virtual hard drive and the associated files through creation of different snapshots at particular time frames. In other words, it is just like parent-child relationship with other disk or physical disk.

Why it is mostly used?

It is mostly used so that user don’t need to install another OS by spending little hours on the physical Hard Drive. It is the best way to install multiple OS in the same OS so that we can switch everything easily and work comprehensively. Every task can be performed easily with the help of VHD but, it can exhibit slower performance with respect to physical drive which is the main defect. The latest updates for slower performance facility are always trying to improve so that it can act exact like physical. The another disadvantage is data loss. If you accidentally reformat or if your newly installed advanced software hangs or corrupt the VHD then, it may lead to huge loss. Under this circumstances, you need professional recovery service like SalvageData to recover everything including vhd data recovery. We provides different types of recovery services with team of experts who provide full time support in case of any emergency at any time. Just logon to website salvagedata.com for more details or to make contact right now if you have any kind of trouble.       

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